Goukon Aite wa Nikushoku Keikan
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Goukon Aite wa Nikushoku Keikan

Other Name: 合コン相手は肉食警官!?~26歳処女は捕らわれたい, Goukon Aite wa Nikushoku Keikan!?: 26-sai Shojo wa Torawaretai, My Blind Date is a Womanizing Cop

Goukon Aite wa Nikushoku Keikan - Summary

Kyouko is a 26-year-old daycare employee. While everyone around her is getting married, she spends her days lamenting over her lack of a love life. One day, Kyouko impulsively decides to take part in a mixer after being invited by a colleague. There, she meets Yuusuke, a self-proclaimed unmotivated government employee. As he tends to a drunk Kyouko, she believes him to be kind, but then his personality suddenly changes…?! As her body relaxes and starts opening up to someone she met for the very first time, she wonders if he’ll get to have his way with her… A daycare employee who wants to marry a lewd cop. The struggles of two people who are both equally scared of falling in love!

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