Horse Man Raw
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Horse Man Raw

Other Name: 말만 한 남자

Horse Man Raw - Summary

Happy college festival!... Mirai, who was reluctant to wear a dress with a big tits complex in the play to be held at the festival... Finally, at the sudden request of a friend, she turned into a princess, put on a horse doll, and moved into a group of two. Ryunosuke, a childhood friend who was always struggling with Mirai, who played the role of a horse's bridge without knowing that fact, mistaken Mirai as a man in a dark horse doll and adheres to the body without hesitation!! But... the moment they feel soft and weird, the performance begins... The two, who have never been able to breathe together, become sweaty inside the horse doll and become extremely close + tangled, and that of Ryunosuke The place unintentionally swells...!?