Level Up Until Satisfy Raw
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Level Up Until Satisfy Raw

Other Name: Subir de nivel hasta que estés satisfecho

Level Up Until Satisfy Raw - Summary

‘Your pepper is too small!’  ‘Min-chan’ is friends with ‘A-yeon’, the goddess of sweets. She looks shabby due to circumstances, but while Min-chan is swallowing saliva at her unconcealable beauty, the two end up having a drink in their own room. The atmosphere is ripe with a casual drink, and the moment when they are about to hold the ceremony, a shocking fact is revealed. Min-chan's item was too small. Disappointed, Ahn leaves with vitriol, and Min-chan even tries to make an extreme choice, but he, who is as small as a pepper, does not have the courage to die. Just when he was so desperate that he couldn't choose between life and death, something that would happen in a cartoon begins to unfold in front of him..!!