Modern Apartment - Gyeongseong 1930 raw
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Modern Apartment - Gyeongseong 1930 raw

Other Name: 모던아파트 - 경성 1930

Modern Apartment - Gyeongseong 1930 raw - Summary

Gyeongseong in the late 1920s. A Japanese couple having sex as if they were showing off without even treating themselves as human beings. This happens all the time for Do-hyeon, who works as a manager at an apartment complex where high-ranking Japanese people live. I thought I could just quietly endure it for a year... but after meeting her, everything changed for her. I can no longer turn back... I can't reject her... Being with her is the only option left to me. “Is my body your purpose?” 'Damn... I can't believe I'm feeling this even in this situation...!' The dangerous journey between Do-hyeon and a woman whose identity is unknown begins.