Paradise of Deception
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Paradise of Deception

Other Name: Heaven (May Pig) / Paradise (May Pig) / 樂園 / 낙원

Paradise of Deception - Summary

When the young girl arrived at the estate in hopes of getting the three-month job, little did she know she’d be serving a devilish man. Uneasy about the strange people and rituals, her gut feeling tells her to leave. But the young master’s advances take a hold of her because it’s so nice to be cared for. As he offers to kill those who hurt her, the demons inside her start to come alive again. ‘Will you kill me? Shall I kill everything that confronts my master?’ I met a devilish man in the mansion where I moved in as a helper as if running away from violence and looting. And suddenly, a strange whistling sound is heard. The watcher’s gaze towards me and the strange rituals gradually catch my breath.