Sincere Minhyuk Raw
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Sincere Minhyuk Raw

Other Name: The Stand up Guy / Sincere Minhyuk / 성실한 민혁씨

Sincere Minhyuk Raw - Summary

By anyone’s standards, Minhyeok is a good egg: he’s a reliable coworker, a faithful fiancé… a real stand up guy! The future looks rosy until one day he’s unceremoniously dumped by his future wife. As his dreams of domestic bliss go up in flames, Minhyeok goes off the rails. Strange thing is, his new devil-may-care attitude goes down extremely well with the ladies. And there are plenty of stunners around him who have been biding their time, waiting to pounce. Soon enough, Minhyeok learns that when the chips are down, you gotta rise to the occasion!