Unrequited Love Raw
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Unrequited Love Raw

Other Name: 짝사랑

Unrequited Love Raw - Summary

Gwang-Tae's unrequited love, "Suji". She is not a high school student, and she is a beautiful high school girl who does not fall for study, sports, and appearance. Gwang-Tae went through her studies like crazy to become the man that suited her, and she finally got into the same university as Suzy. For a moment, her satisfaction that she became the man that suits her. University sports star "Kang Seo-jun" appears in front of Kwang-Tae and Suji. He seems to be interested in "Suji", who has just entered college at the age of 20. Is it my own illusion that the gaze of my love, "Suji", turns to "Seo-Jun Kang"?